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"Making a difference in surface chemistry
  on any material with Nano Technology "

Nano technology is the technology that deals with devices and processes 

measured in nanometers. One million times smaller that a millimeter, a nanometer
( also referred to as nano or nm for short ) corresponds roughly to the length of chain of 5-10 atoms
and is used in measurements that are only visible under extremely high magnifications. By comparison, the cross section of human hair
is 50,000 times larger.

Nano technology has reached the level where it is now possible to not only alter molecular structures but also to fabricate molecular structures with specialized designs. This has given rise to a host of new space-age substances, materials
and applications. For example, metallic compounds (metals coarsely fused with ceramics) have been extensively used in the semiconductor industry to define electrical voltage rates. Today, the need for such compounds is fast becoming redundant because nanotechnology enables us to fabricate metals with highly specialized design and function, thereby providing this industry with thermally retardant metals that conduct electrical voltages with extreme accuracy and durability.

Nano technology does work in greater detail, at particle level ( nano level ), to attain
finite results that were once thought unattainable and impossible.

Nano technology enables matter to behave more efficiently and possess a wider
range of functionality. It enables us to manipulate, control and accurately define the Interdisciplinary Behavior of the very atoms that make up the molecule. It allows
us to tailor-make molecules with Specialized Functionality, Cross Functionality and Multiple-functionality. When we can fabricate molecules in accordance to task-specific design, these molecules function as nanomachines.

Nano technology is the future - and it’s here today.

Nano Mould Release coating, a revolutionary self applied, anti-stick nano mold
coating that resolves mold sticking issue and last up to 300,000 uninterrupt cycles



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