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Nanomouldrelease incorporates the use of ethanol as a solvent base.
Out-gasing occurs for a few minutes as the ethanol evaporates.
The rest of the coating’s curing process is a reaction
with humidity in the air.

Withstands temperatures of between -50℃ ~ 450℃ 
Water repellent, Hydrophobic, yet vapor permeable
Transparent, < 200 nm
Low coefficient of friction
Will not Transmigrate to substrate, safe for secondary process like plating, printing.
Anti-stick and easy to clean surface

Perfect protection against corrosion
Test in salt spray B117 average Rate of Failure
SS 1700hrs RS 1500hrs PS 1386HRS
Withstands most acids and many chemicals
Blocks UV-Light completely and prevents fading of colors of paints and plastics
No change in manufacturing tolerances

The coating was tested by the Institute for Medicine and Science at the Tübingen University (NMI– Naturwissenschaftlich-Medizinisches Institut) Germany and showed all the contents of the coating to be NON-TOXIC.

Further test with BSL Bioservice Scientific Labortories Gmbh, Germany has also certified no relevant cytotoxic effects under ISO 10993-5.

While all facts and statistics pertaining to NANOMOULRELEASE were procured and presented to the best
of our ability in an honest and competent manner based on all current information and technology
available to us, the molding industry is a dynamically progressive and evolving one wherein new mold concepts, designs and production methods may be applied to a diverse spectrum of new raw materials
or compositions of raw materials in which case, new, never before encountered problems could arise.


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