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The Plastic Mold Industry, in particular, has the highest number of unsolvable problems especially when there is a demand for highly complicated design, high gloss cosmetic finishings using various resin compounds etc., that, by the very nature of their intrinsic compositions, are prone to drag onto mold surfaces and cause stretch marks.

Some of the designs and methods of phased extraction also present unique problems in ensuring end products that can meet customers’ requirements. Molten Plastic Compounds cool at varying timings. Depending on the additives and foreign materials mixed with the plastic resin, some compounds take longer to cool or their substrates are extremely sensitive and fragile. Nano mould release can coat surfaces of mold, and even the inserts to these molds, to dramatically reduce the friction coefficient of these surfaces to produce high gloss finishes without using traditional mold release agents.

And even in critical scenarios where the design and plastic compound used make it virtually impossible to financially justify low production output because of the numerous, time consuming machine/tool maintenance stoppages.
Nano mold release coating extends uninterrupted production time, significantly reducing machine/tool maintenance stoppages.Whether in the Plastics moulding or die casting industry, Nano mould release's anti-stick and low friction coefficient properties have increased production output by about 15-20% or more and last between 5,000~300,000 or more shots depending on material used, even with highly abrasive glass filled resin up to 66%.

Cosmetic value of manufactured parts improves significantly by eliminating drag and stretch marks by causing mold surfaces to have reduced surface pressure and high lubricity with a very low friction coefficient.

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