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  :: Common Problems in the Molding Industry

common problems in the molding industry
Sticking Cavity | Core
Moulds not filling properly
Parts sticking in the mould
Pickup on moving mould parts
Lubricant Contamination
Streaking | Drag | Burn Marks
High GF | Ceramics resin


Major Benefits for the Mold Industry:
Increases productivity - more parts per hour - parts not sticking in the mould.

Enhances the flow of resin in moulds due to its low coefficient of friction.

Parts release quicker.

Allows the reduction in molding pressure and temperature.

Reduction in part weight as resin is not packed as tight.

Eliminates streaking and drag marks, moulds fill more easily reducing rejects.

Eliminates use of other release agents. Eases color changes and cleaning operations.

Not transferred to finished parts so no washing required prior to printing.

Can be applied to metal-on-metal die parts and molding machines as a long lasting, heat proof barrier
 to reduce wear and seizing.

Can be applied over polished surfaces or coated surface.

May be applied over the whole mould or in specific inserts, cavities or on core pins.

Bonds to all metal or plastic materials and plated surfaces and can be removed without removing
the substrate.

Maintains dimensional integrity of mould.

Eliminate problems in commissioning new die sets.

Resists carbon build-up from burnt deposits due to extremely low coefficient of friction.
It's so easy & safe (non-toxic) to use Nanomouldrelease® coating
No special equipment or device required, self applied in-house.


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